Thursday, October 11, 2007

Throwing Fits and Cheesy Grins

I walked into my room today and found Nicole sitting at my vanity trying to put on make-up. She's not supposed to do that without my help. I just said, "Nicole..." in that you're-in-trouble voice and she burst into tears and buried her head. Luckily, I had the camera in hand, so I got a cute picture of it.

When Tyler saw the flash, he came running. He always loves to have his picture taken. You may be wondering why the top of his face is cut off, well, I managed to fall over while taking the picture and that was what we got. Tyler thought it was funny, so I thought I'd share it with all of you. If you had been there to see my fall over, you would have laughed too. :-)


Susanne said...

Your kids are so dang cute! Kaitlyn loves to play with my make-up too. Luckily, she's never gotten into it without me nearby to stop her... except for lip gloss, but luckily that doesn't make too much of a mess. :-)

Miracle Gro said...

Kid meltdown pictures are the best. I love kid meltdown videos too.