Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My brain is hurting

Sometimes I get too much random stuff building up in my head and if I let it out, hopefully I will be able to let in some more useless junk that will again plague my life. So, here's me venting:

-How many of you have husbands that play church basketball? Mine does. A lot. He loves it and I'm glad he has some kind of exercise that he loves to do. Unfortunately, he tends to stick his face where it doesn't belong. Mostly into people's elbows. In the last few months he has broken his nose and had a nasty black eye. Without exception, he comes home with scrapes and bruises that appear out of nowhere. Is it wrong for me to worry about him so much every time he leaves for a game? One of these days, he's going to come home missing teeth. I hope it's not tonight.

-Tyler told me the other day "Mommy, can you clean up in here, the kitchen is really messy." Wow, Tyler, ouch. I have been really tired lately and my back aches all the time (stupid pregnancy pains) so I haven't really been up to par on my housekeeping. But you know it's bad when a 3-year-old complains about it. His toy room gets so messy that you can't even see the floor, but that doesn't seem to bother him. I cleaned the kitchen (tearfully) and then he said, "Good job, Mommy, you're a great listener." It's strange to hear yourself echoed through your children.

-Nicole never stops talking. Never. Unless she's doing something naughty. We found her behind the toilet (very small space) with a tube of toothpaste. Yeah, that was fun to clean up. But seriously, sometimes I can imagine the future conversations I'll have at parent-teacher conferences.
Me: How is Nicole doing in reading, Mrs. So-and-so?
Mrs. So-and-so: Well, she reads very well.
Me: (silently beaming with pride) I'm so glad to hear that. We practice a lot at home.
Mrs. So-and-so: Yes, I can tell. Unfortunately, she seems completely unable to read without speaking the words out loud. In fact, it's as if she has no inner voice at all. She just talks and talks non stop. She has actually started talking while inhaling as well as exhaling so that she never actually has to stop making noise.
Me: Great. At least we know she can read.

-I the need to confess that I just downed 6 rather large chocolate chip cookies. And I drank 2 glasses of milk with it. I don't suppose it matters that it was skim milk. I can actually hear myself getting fatter. I feel a little sick to my stomach from eating so many cookies so quickly, but I still want to eat another one. Dang you, Ben. Why do you have to be a cookie master?

-One last thing. Someone actually made me feel bad about not knowing the sex of my baby. I'm not even kidding. When I told her that we were going to be surprised, she said, "That sucks. I mean really. That's very selfish of you." I wish I could say that I had a good comeback, but I was so stunned, I just stood there with my mouth open. Apparently it's very selfish of me because other people want to buy gifts for the baby and it's more difficult for them if they don't know the sex of the baby beforehand. I guess I won't be getting a gift from her...

Okay, hopefully I've let out enough randomness so that I can get on with my life. On the brighter side, Nicole has moved me into the "Best Friend" position in her life. Tyler is pretty disappointed about it, but I told him that we could share Nicole and both be her best friend. It's amazing what a little ice cream will do to make a 2-year-old love you.


Laurel said...

I totally feel for you with the whole basketball world. Jason plays church ball as well as with a city league, and used to have BYU ball in the mix when we were students. I'm sure that's not even enough if you asked HIM. Funny husbands.

mom/grandma debbi said...

Wow, welcome to my former life. Jim never got as beat up as Ben--he only rolled his ankles periodically & a few years ago found out he had an old stress fracture he never knew about. Then the doctor told him his ligaments are shot & he quit playing, but he was in his 40's before that happened!
I can't believe anybody would make such a comment about you not finding out the sex of the baby. That's pretty selfish of whoever to make you feel bad. I love it when I have a patient who doesn't find out--the surprise is so much fun for them. And trust me, I am sure I will be able to find PLENTY of gifts to buy AFTER the baby is born. :-)
That's pretty funny about Tyler's cleanliness desires. It makes me laugh, just like Jim & I laugh when we hear Zach complaining about his messy roomates! What a hoot.
And one more thing--your email today is the first time I realized you had made your own blog! I would have visited it sooner if I had realized!!! And now that I know about it, I will visit it more often!
Thanks for being such a GREAT mom & wife for my son & grandkids. I love you! :-)

Gardener said...

#3 is a surprise for us too. I get two reactions when I am asked what the sex is; "oh, the baby didn't cooperate...thats too bad" or "wow, you must have a lot of patience, I could never do that". Thats awful that someone told you that its selfish. Some people just don't know when to keep their mouth shut.