Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Musings at the Request of a man named Jamal.

So I got an IM from a guy whose nickname is Jamal (in the interest of privacy, we shall not refer to him by his real name, Steven Carter, but instead we shall refer to him by some innocuous name like, well, Jamal) who told me to put more posts on our blog. I am sure that by 'you' he meant my wife, but instead I feel like rambling on about nothing in particular, so this is what you get.

A few random tidbits from my life:

Apparently I have come to be known as an 'insensitive to pregnant women' Democrat in my ward. Let me explain. My wife told someone (all of?) the relief society that I (in jest only!) suggested that some of Kristi's pregnancy related symptoms were all in her head. You know, because a child growing inside of you isn't real, its all phsycological, right?! My extremely lame attempt at humor to get my insanely uncomfortably wife to laugh was tragically short sighted, but it was humor just the same. Anyhow, she told someone the story, and pretty soon, a random lady in the ward confronts me one Sunday and asked me incredulously, "You think pregnancy pains are all in her head?!" Needless to say I was dumbfounded.

The Democrat part comes from a conversation I had in our EQ presidency meeting, wherein I suggested that all people who were going to vote for Romney or thought he would make a good president strictly because he is Mormon is a sad misguided idiot. And I think i was slightly less tactful than that when I initially said it. I was quick to say that if you studied the issues, studied Mitt's stance on them and liked his plans/ideas, then by all means you should support and vote for him and I would never have a problem with that. For the record, I feel the same way about voting for Obama strictly because he's black, Hillary strictly because she's a woman, or McCain strictly because he's old! (For the record I like to think of myself as an independent who likes things about both parties but do not subscribe to either. )

In other news, I 'won a bet' with Kristi's doctor yesterday. Kristi has about 3 weeks to go until D-Day, and she had a regular prego exam yesterday. At one point, the doctor said she was going to check Kristi's cervix, to which I said, "I bet she's dilated to about a 0." The doctor laughed a 'bless your heart, you're so stupid' laugh and said something to the effect of she doubted that was the case, but thanks for trying. A little while later, after what seemed like much probing, her face kind of fell, and she said, "Wow. I think you may be right." And she seemed really bummed about it. Point for Ben! (Yes, I am that desperate that I feel pretty high and mighty over something completely arbitrary that nobody could have really known beforehand what the answer was. I guess there were about 11 options, from 0 - baby's head sticking out, so I had about a 9% chance of being correct?)

The chicklets are enjoying spending time with their cousin Ellie (18 months old) who is visiting us from L.A. for a couple days. It's pretty funny to see them together and it gives me hope that the children will not kill the new baby. Well, maybe not for 2 1/2 weeks, at least.

Well, that is all for now. I hope you are all well, and that you are not experiencing the winter like weather that we are today. You know, snow, hail, rain, etc. Be well, and remember: If a tree falls on a mime, and nobody is around to hear it, would anybody care?


Miracle Gro said...

I have been pwned. Now, maybe I should put a post up about some fond memories I have of BYU involving a late night game of team hide and seek and a certain Nicole Garrett, a certain Ben Cobb intervention and a fight that almost ensued . . .

Ben said...

I am afraid I have come down with amnesia, have no idea what you're talking about and refuse to comment further. Or something like that