Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Note for Daddy

We made chocolate ice cream yesterday. It was pretty good. Not really worth the mess and hassle, but the kids had fun and loved eating ice cream that they helped make. Ben had to work last night and Tyler wanted him to try some of the ice cream when he got home. He decided to write him a letter and tape it to the front door so he would see it when he got home. This is what his letter said:

We MaD Is cReM          (we made ice cream
you caN Hav suM            you can have some
DoNt eet it ol                    don't eat it all)
love Tyler
and Nicole

As you can see, Tyler knows his father well.

1 comment:

David and Sara Lenz said...

I can vouch for it, it was good ice cream. My nephew is too cute.