Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Look at this face. Isn't she sweet? Sure, she's a little dirty, but still sweet. You would never look at this face and say, "wow, I bet this girl LOVES to argue with her parents." But she does. She will purposely tell me something she knows to be false just so I'll correct her. When I do, she gets a funny little smile on her face that says, "yes! It worked! She's going to argue with me!" Ben doesn't help the situation at all. He walks right up to her and says "yes" just so she'll say "no" and they go back and forth for several minutes. It's their favorite game. I don't think he'll think it's so funny when she's 16 and puts her arguing-with-dad-skills to the test. At that point, I will put on my I-told-you-so smile and just watch the drama unfold. :-)

Just before I took this picture, she pointed to her bowl of spaghetti and said, "all done". I said, "no, you need to keep eating." Then came the mischievous smile and "all done". I took the bait and we continued to go back and forth until the game got old. Then I grabbed the camera and said "say cheese" and this is the sweet smile I got.

Of course, as soon as I took this picture, this is the face she made:

(I think that's pretty much her attitude about life.)

But she sure does love spaghetti!

(On the other hand, Nicole didn't like it. She likes to tell me things herself but blames them on Tori. For example, she said, "Mom, Tori says that this is the most disgusting dinner you've ever made." Obviously, Tori didn't say that; she clearly enjoyed her disgusting spaghetti very much. Sometimes "Tori" doesn't like my hair, clothes, jewelry, or the t.v. show that's on. Good thing I have Nicole to interpret Tori's mumbles into insults directed at me. Sigh. Girls are crazy.)


Summer Elrod said...

That is the funniest thing. I can't wait either until they are 16 and dating. DRAMA.

Child Family said...

I'm glad I am not the only one with a 2 year old who has tons of attitude and loves to argue with me.

mom/grandma debbi said...

Papa Jim is cracking up over this. Which is nice right now, because we are both ready to melt down at this point. Thanks for the laughs!

Robin said...

That is hilarious that Nicole blames her insults on Tori. That cracks me up!

Annie said...

That is so funny! It made me laugh out loud. Nicole is a pretty smart little girl to blame things on her little sister who can't really defend herself yet. Nicole better watch out though. I have a feeling one of these day's Tori will figure out that little game.

Amber said...

My favorite is that Nicole blames things on Tori. I'm going to try that. Except I'm not sure who my scapegoat will be. I'll think of something.