Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yes, we realize we have likely gone insane...

... but we are super excited about getting a puppy for Christmas!!! Yes, I know I just finished potty training my last child. Yes, I realize I just got brand new carpet. Yes, I realize that puppies are a ton of work. But if you spent even a few minutes with this sweet little thing, you'd want to do it too.
His name is Baxter -- and yes, we got that name from the movie Anchorman -- and it suits him. See, he already has some bling!

He is so dang cute, I can't even handle it. I just want to hold him and play with him all day! We picked him up today in Stayton, Oregon from Julie (the breeder). She did an amazing job training him and getting his shots and paperwork all done for us. We still have a few more rounds of shots to go, but she got us started. We drove back to Portland where Baxter will spend the rest of the day in Ben's office. Unfortunately, Baxter got car sick.

Hopefully Ben didn't want the rest of his orange juice. But once I figured out that first he gets wiggly then starts to retch before tossing his puppy cookies, we were able to avoid any more messes.
He liked to snuggle up close to me and seemed happiest when my hands were near his face. I think we had a bonding moment in the car. :-)

After work, Ben will take him to the vet to get checked out and then take him to my parents house. They'll keep him hidden for a day and a half until we pick him up on Christmas Eve after the kids are asleep. I just hope that they don't fall in love with him too much and want to keep him for themselves!

The kids are going to absolutely FREAK OUT when they see him. I can't wait for Christmas!!!!!


mom/grandma debbi said...

What I wouldn't give to be there & see it! PLEASE take a video! I am having so much fun with Burklee. I miss Sebastian.

Elizabeth said...

Cute! We are going to have to come over and play with him. I am excited to hear how your kids react Xmas morning.