Sunday, September 23, 2012

12 Loooooong Years Ago...

... I met my husband. We were forced on our first date and our friends joked that we would probably end up getting married and we would have to name our first child after them. We did, so we did. Lucky for us, they were both named Ben, and so is my husband, so our firstborn child bears the middle name Benjamin.

I will be forever thankful to Ben Cobb and Ben Boruchowitz for making us go out and changing my life forever. Thanks guys.

Benamin, Imaluvu.

(October 2000 - BYU Homecoming)

(July 2012 - Seattle)

I love that we still do the same exact pose. Some things shouldn't be messed with.

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all about the girls said...

The blonde tips are awesome! But seriously. You two are the cutest couple ever!!! Congrats!