Friday, September 28, 2007


It stopped raining for about 5 minutes today, so the kids quickly went outside to see what treasures they could find. A caterpillar had crawled onto Tyler's tricycle for protection from the elements. What a discovery! They are still playing with it as I type. I wish they each had one so that Nicole would stop trying to steal it from Tyler, but maybe another day. They were content to look at first, but then I got the brilliant idea that they should let it crawl on their arms. I'm afraid that they are going to love it too much and squish it, but a caterpillar's life is short anyway, right? Great, now they brought it in the house. This might be a bad development. I'll have to get one of those little aquariums for them to put all of their little friends in. I'm glad they are so adventurous and I hope that it will rub off on me a little. Just so long as they don't feel like bringing in snakes, we'll be just fine.

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Miracle Gro said...

I can't believe how much Tyler looks like Ben and Nicole looks like you. But at least you know who they belong to. Our kids are just photo shop merges of us.