Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our Family is Growing

We will be adding to our family in late April '08 with baby number 3! We are all very excited and Tyler thinks he's getting a baby for his birthday (my due date is just 10 days after his birthday). We have a Davis Family Blog, but I want to post more often and I feel like I would take over the whole thing if I did all of my blogging on there. So we are going to try this for a little while. Here's a quick update on our family (in no order whatsoever):
Tyler will be 4 on April 14th and he told me that when he's 4 he will be bigger than Mommy. It made me laugh and then I thought of just how quickly he's growing and that pretty soon he will be bigger than me! He's very sweet. He saw that I wasn't feeling very good so he opened the window for me so I could have some fresh air. That's a big step for him because he likes to keep the windows closed all the time. It was a very unselfish thing for my little boy and I appreciated it a lot. It's funny how hormones get so crazy when you're pregnant. Just that little act of love made me cry like a baby. Nicole saw me crying and kissed my knee and asked me if I was all better now. Could they be any sweeter? I mean, really, just look at those faces. They are so happy. Nicole has learned to throw a fit like a champion, but we just laugh at her and then she stops. One of these days I'll have to get that on film and share it with all of you.
Overall, things are pretty much the same around our house. I feel sick all the time because of these pregnancy hormones, but I'm hoping that in 6-8 weeks I'll be feeling right as rain again just before I get fat. :-) I keep having all of these dreams about having twins. Can you imagine? I think that would send us both over the edge. I have my first doctor's appointment in a few weeks, so lets hope there's only one heartbeat. I spend my days cleaning up after the kids and attempting to cook. I love to cook and I really miss it. The smell of food makes me really sick, so my poor husband is cooking for himself or eating sandwiches and ice cream. That isn't good for his diet, but he still manages to lose weight. I'll put a picture on here of me that Tyler took, he loves to take pictures. I wish I could trust him with our camera and just look at all of the things that he thinks make a good picture.
Tyler is starting pre-school in November and is very excited. Nicole just talks all day long and likes to be in the middle of everything. We're starting to potty train her and she has some pretty cool Dora underwear that she likes. Unfortunately, she never likes to take it off, even to use the toilet. So it has sort of backfired on us, but we'll get there eventually. They spend their days playing with each other non-stop. We don't watch tv anymore, so the kids are forced to play together if they want entertainment. It's been so cute to see them develop a relationship with each other. When Nicole woke up this morning, Tyler ran to her room and said, "There's my baby girl!" (that's what I always say when she wakes up) and then kept hugging her and telling her how much he loved her. I think she was a little confused at first, but then got into it and kept saying, "I love you too, Tyler" and they just kept going back and forth.
Ben is doing great too. He's lost a bunch of weight and looks super hot. :-) He plays basketball 2 or 3 times a week and comes home covered head to toe in sweat. I love doing that laundry, no not really. He has been working for Lenz Financial Group since June and is doing very well. He spends more time with my dad than I do now and I always wonder if they talk about me...
I think that's about it for now. Thanks for reading!

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Chris said...

Great update, and welcome to blogging!! It's nearly as addictive as myspace, facebook, etc., but the results are definitely more rewarding. At least I think it is.