Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Times with Old Friends

We had the privilege of spending a few hours with some of our old friends from BYU on Saturday. The Carters live in California, but they were up here on a road trip. It works out well because our kids are the same gender and about the same ages! The menfolk played paintball for a few hours while the kids played and Nancy and I talked about babies and the joys of motherhood. :-) When the guys were sufficiently covered in splattered paint, we went to the park and had pizza and let the kids run around like crazy people. Tyler and Benjamin had a blast. Two days later he's still talking about his friend who likes all the same things that he likes. The girls played dress up and watched Cinderella. Tori was sort of a pain, but that's what she likes to do best. After seeing their angelic little baby, I got a little jealous (she actually lets her mom put her down without screaming!) but I love my little girl and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. I just hope she grows out of this crying thing soon (of course if she grows much more, I won't be able to hold her!). Here's a couple of pictures of our fun at the park.

I'm always amazed at the upper body strength that kids have! Just hanging like that for a few seconds and my arms hurt!

Steven took a picture of himself and I thought it was funny.

Here's a few other pictures from the park. Check out Tori's cheeks. I am a little afraid she's going to get stretch marks if they don't stop growing soon!

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Ben said...

At least my shorts don't look like they are going to fall off at any second. Oh wait. I mean they DO look like that.