Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Uncle Ryan's Purple House

Yes, that's right, my brother lives in a purple house -- with navy blue trim, might I add -- and we got to visit him a couple weekends ago. He has a few chickens and he somehow convinced them that my kids were safe and they climbed aboard. It was so funny to see my children covered in chickens! Tyler loved it, but Nicole said that the chickens couldn't get on her hair because she's three. I know, her logic is astounding. They even got to get the eggs and Nicole was just sure that a baby chick was going to hatch at any second. Thanks for letting us visit and hold the chickens, Uncle Ryan.

On a much more negative note, I need to vent. Here are some things I'm getting really sick of:
-my baby biting me while trying my best to breastfeed her.
-the bleeding that goes along with the biting.
-my kids whining over every little thing that isn't perfect in their lives.
-my eye being red.
-my "spare tire" refusing to deflate.
-folding laundry.
-fighting with my kids to eat food that they asked me to make.
-making 4 different things for breakfast every single day of my life.(my kids have a hot breakfast almost every morning. Sometimes Nicole is okay with Cheerios, but we usually have eggs, hash browns, waffles, sausage/bacon/ham, pancakes, toast etc. but they can never agree so I make everyone something different)
-picking up toys all day and all night.
-not sleeping through the night. (I've been averaging about 6 hours a night and I need 8 or 9 to function properly, I really do best with about 10.)
and finally...
-caring way too much about what people think of me.


Mindy and Benjamin said...

Well, as long as you're caring what people think...I'm pretty sure you're like the awesome super mom. You look great, your kids are adorable, and you haven't killed one of them yet, so you're doing just fine.

Kim said...

Love this post... Nicole looks so stinking cute, Bronx came up and was like "hey thats Nicole!" So... navie has been biting me too!!!! My huge vent is the stinkin laundry circle that never ends and all the dishes, I am always so far behind in both!!! Oh and I hear you on the fighting kids to eat! Oh and the sleep thing too, both my kids woke up twice last night which equals out to 4 different wakings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you tomorrow, maybe;) (PS What people do care what they think about you??? You of all people should not be self conscious or care about others!)

Becky said...

I can so relate to your post. Being a mom is the hardest job ever eh? Total test of character...patience, etc. I totally hear you!! :) I have a book for you about getting your baby sleeping through the night. I SWEAR by it. It got all my kiddos sleeping through the night be 8 weeks. Now, our issue is "getting up to go potty" at night..unfortunately, that's not covered in this book. I'll write it down and give it to you at school...I can't remember it right now...it's the drugs. :)

timmonsfam said...

Okay, I think you must be going for the super mom award! I can't believe you seriously cook all that for breakfast every morning! Holy Cow! And spare tire, my foot! You are gorgeous and I love the chicken pics of you and your adorable kids!

Rena said...

Gee, can I come to your house for breakfast? It sounds AWESOME! Well, not for you, but your kids have one sweet deal going on.