Monday, February 23, 2009

Attack of the MOTHS!

So, last night I was driving home from my parents' house and felt something brush up against my cheek. It's dark, I can't see anything around me in the car. I have all 3 kids in the car with me, I need to concentrate. I feel this little flutter again. I'm trying to concentrate on the road, but I fear there may be a little flying monster in my car: a moth. Yes, I know it's dumb, but I really dislike these little creatures. As a child, my family went camping near Mt. St. Helens and Ryan and I stayed up late playing card games. We were huddled around a lantern and the moths were flocking to it. Ever since then, they just give me the willies. I was seriously freaked out last night trying to keep the moth off of me. I don't know if I thought it was going to bite me or suck my blood or just flutter on my neck with it's tiny little (harmless) wings. Stupid flying insects.


tara said...

i feel your pain! i hate moths and i've always been made fun of for it. when i was little, we had a moth infestation in my house in korea. ever since then, i hate the darn things. not to mention, we went on a relief society sleepover once and a moth flew into someone's ear! it defintly put the nail in the moth coffin for me.

Catherine said...

Hey... nothing related to moths but I was wondering if you ever read Stoney Creek, Alabama.

I haven't had the chance yet... been waiting on the Inter-library loan to hook me up to no avail.

Anyway, I would LOVE to know!

Summer and Mike said...

Happy Birthday to you too! I can't believe you just wrote late 20's! Ha! Did you know apart from the Bishop I am absolutely the oldest person in every room at church? Lovely! Happy Birthday!

Much loveslynesses to you!

Miracle Gro said...

seriously. we need some new content.