Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lunch time at our house

Okay, I already put this on facebook, but I was recently reminded that not everyone does that kind of thing, so here's what I've been experimenting with for lunch:

(Okay, for some reason this picture won't rotate, so sorry)
I thought I'd make the octopus hot dog for Tyler and the apple/peanut butter flower for Nicole. Turns out, they both liked both things and the wheel pasta with parsley was the icing on the cake. I have to try new things with food to keep my kids interested. For breakfast lately I've been making "egg pizza". It's just scrambled eggs, but I make it flat like a crepe and then cut it into wedges like pizza. Sometimes I put food coloring in it too. Today they had pink egg pizza. I guess I just get bored making the same thing every single day.
It's been 3 days and the kids are still requesting the hot dog octopus. Today I made Ramen noodles instead of wheel pasta and I dyed them blue so it would look like water. Unfortunately, I put it on a blue plate so the noodles looked green! Oh well, Tyler said it was seaweed. Whatever works I guess. If anyone has any other brilliant ideas to make lunch food more appealing, please let me know!


Miracle Gro said...

Great. Dragonfly just saw these and now wants an octopus hot dog. Thanks for raising the bar. I will go to my sub-par parenting anonymous meeting now.

tara said...

so forget about me giving you ideas. you need to keep them coming girl. my cousin actually put something on her blog that was interesting. she called them monster sandwiches. it was half a toasted english muffin with tuna fish on it and then a face made of olives and something else. i'll have to look at it again. or you can if you want:

good times dude!

We are the Zitzmans said...

That is super cute. I guess I should try to graduate away from PB &J. Super fun.

Miracle Gro said...

Okay, I tried the octopus hotdog yesterday, and it was an epic fail. Please post some instructions and the type of hotdog used. We used a hebrew national, which is a little too skinny. Do you cook, then cut? Or cut then cook?

Laurel said...

Whatever! -- I'm going to be stealing YOUR ideas, as I have none of my own. These are adorable!

Mrs. D said...

Wow.. those rock. My 3 year old would love that.