Thursday, March 26, 2009

I know, I know, I'm a slacker

Yes, I understand that I'm the worst blogger ever. I know I haven't given anyone any new information for quite some time. Am I sorry? Sort of.
So, what happened today that's so important that could actually get me to blog? Let me share a funny little story with you:

**note -- those of you that know Tyler will think this is funnier if you can picture him saying it**

My kids -- like most kids -- are dirty. They are like little hurricanes running around my house messing up everything in their paths. Sometimes I think they conspire against me just to see if I'll eventually snap. The main focus of their destruction these days is their bedroom (Tyler and Nicole share a room). I keep their out of season clothing under their beds in garbage bags. When summer comes I'll get them out and put the winter clothes under the bed. They didn't really know about my system until one day we were trying to find a lost toy and when we looked under the bed they found the bags of clothes. They love to play dress up and this new wardrobe was just too much to resist. So, they have been creating some interesting outfits and they wear at least 4 or 5 of these summer outfits per day. This not only makes a lot of laundry for me, but it makes a lot of confusion. Trying to keep straight what goes in the dresser from what's actually dirty and what needs to go back under the bed... you get the picture. Anyway, it's a little ridiculous how messy their room can get in just a few minutes. I spent an hour cleaning their room yesterday and within just a couple of hours, it looked worse than before I cleaned it up. Fast forward to noon today. Their room is still trashed and I'm too mad to clean it. Besides, they are old enough to put their stuff away! After lunch I told them I was going to put them in their room, shut the door and I didn't want them to come out until it was clean. Tyler looks at me with his jaw dropped and his eyes wide and says, "ugh, Mom, that's going to take freaking years!"
You're probably right, Tyler. I'll see you when you're seven.


Becky said...

How cute! Too funny. My kids do the SAME! A hurrican happens within SECONDS in their rooms, but HOURS to clean up. They sure like to make the mess, it's the cleaning up that is the CONSTANT battle.
Got your RSVP. YAAY!!
Were you at the same WICKED show? Oh, I LOVED it. I sort of want to go again...but, worry it wouldn't hold as much awe the second time. I was literally in AWE. It was AMAZING! I have been listening to the soundtrack NON-STOP!!!

Ben said...

Ha ha. 'Freaking years' is funny.

Emily said...

I do that with Camden all the time. He's pretty fast now but when he was younger, it was the best because one time it took him 6 hours to clean his room. he played for 5.5 hours and cleaned for the remainder. it was awesome.

mom/grandma debbi said...

I can't stop laughing. :-)

timmonsfam said...

Love it!!! Unfortunately, I have had the same hurricane in my home every time we pull out the bins to see what clothes fit for the coming season! I hate laundry! Especially laundry that wasn't dirty until it got to the bin!

Lisa Bham said...

That was hilarious!!!!