Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tori's Update

My poor tired baby. She was so tired today, but I was trying to keep her awake until we went to the store. I was trying to get everyone ready as fast as I could, but apparently it wasn't fast enough. I finally got my hair done (straightening takes forever, even when it's this short) and when I went to grab the kids, this is what I found:

So now she's asleep in her crib (I moved her out of Tyler's bed because she'd probably roll over and hurt herself). I don't know if I'll ever know how she got a bottle or how she got into Tyler's bed, but if I could get this baby to put herself down for a nap every day, life would be good. :-)

Now, for those of you who knew Tori during the first 6 months of her life know that she's never been an "easy baby" but that things are getting better. Well, things were getting better. Now she's learning to walk and I feel like we're back to the days of non-stop crying! Ugh. I usually don't like when babies start to walk because they fall over a lot and get hurt, plus they get into everything. This time, I'm really looking forward to Tori being able to walk on her own. She just wants to hold my fingers and walk all day long! Everywhere we go she wants to walk. She won't ride in the stroller, grocery cart, or baby backpack anymore. She constantly claws at the front door (like a puppy or something) because she LOVES to be outside. So please pray that she'll learn to walk soon so I can have my fingers back! Here's a picture of her reaching out for me. This is what I see all day. If I try to deny her, she starts to scream. Trust me, that's bad news for everyone within a 5 mile radius.

I don't mean to make it sound all bad. She definitely has her happy moments. One of her new favorite hide-outs is the dryer:

I don't know if you can really tell, but she has WAY more teeth on the left side of her mouth than the right side. She already has 4 molars! Is that normal? She seems to be teething all the time. I'm hoping that ends soon so maybe she can be more comfortable.
So, if any of you are contemplating having children but don't know for sure, spend a day with my baby (PLEASE!!) and you'll either be scared out of your wits or you'll think, "well, it can't be any worse than that!"


tara said...

cute, cute, cute. gotta love those darn too sleepy moments. one time, i came home from the gym and luke was asleep in his high chair (still in his pajamas) while andy was chillin on the couch. gotta love the little ones :)

timmonsfam said...

Love the one of her in the dryer! And just think of all the teething that you're getting over with now so you can enjoy the next year when they are all in and she can walk on her own! (I also like the purple jammies--grace and kaylee had matching ones just like that when Grace was born!)