Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Ball and Chain

It finally happened. Ben turned 30. He is such an old man. Seriously. I cannot believe I'm married to someone so OLD! Of course, when I turn 30 I won't be old because Ben will be 31 and therefore older than me :-). In all seriousness...

Ben is amazing. If you know him, you already know this. He is a great guy and I'm truly blessed to have him by my side every day of my life. Wanna be jealous of me? Here's some of the great things Ben has done lately:

-taught Tyler how to tie his shoes
-plays Star Wars with the kids almost every night
-lets Tyler and Nicole walk all over him and either jump on his neck or other sensitive parts of him (you know what parts I'm talking about)
-cleaned out the gutters
-put in a sprinkler system
-built a fence for my friend BY HIMSELF
-took all 3 kids to the store so I could have a few minutes by myself
-helped Tyler learn how to read
-helps to coach Tyler's t-ball team
-goes to work every day so that I can stay home with the kids
-did the dishes while I was at mutual so I could come home to a clean house
-took me to see Star Trek
-washed the kids hair in the bath (I hate doing that)
-got the kids ready for church so I could have a few minutes to do some primping
-took the blame for something stupid that I did so I wouldn't look dumb
-He even pauses his basketball game when I need to tell him something!

He is my best friend. I love him more than anything and I love him more today than I did 8 years ago when we got married (our anniversary is in 2 days).

Thanks for always being there for me, Benamin. I love you and I can't wait to spend the next 30 years making memories with you.


David Lenz said...

Ok, I have to admit, Ben's a pretty awesome guy, couldn't ask for a cooler brother-in-law! I love being his Assistant to the IT Director there at Lenz Financial ;)

Summer and Mike said...

Wasn't Star Trek Awesome? Oh, and ben is a lil bit cool too...