Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend at the Coast

I love my husband. He knows it, too. My wonderful parents kept the kids for the weekend and let us use their beach house for a romantic getaway. It was so much fun! Here's a few pictures from our weekend.
We were giddy when we got there. Ben has been working a lot lately and we haven't seen each other much. We have been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while!
Ben had 30 beautiful tulips delivered to the beach house. He's such a good guy!

(when we got home, Nicole saw them and asked me where I got them. When I told her that Daddy got them for me she said, "I'm glad Daddy got you for a Valentine." I'm glad too)

For Valentine's Day we decided to make a big delicious dinner for ourselves rather than go out. We made personal sized potato tortes, butternut squash risotto, steak (for Ben) and salmon (for Kristi), and chocolate lava cake with vanilla sauce. We love cooking together but we don't get the opportunity very often. It was especially nice to not have little helpers offering their assistance every few minutes.

We took a break while things were cooking to take a few pictures. I like this one because it makes my butt look big.

The food was amazing.

We played Scattergories and Boggle A LOT this weekend. It was so much fun! We brought a puzzle, but we just weren't feeling it. After we got the edges put together, we quit. I'm pleased to announce that we didn't watch t.v. all weekend. We were having too much fun!
A man who washes dishes = sexy.
We were expecting a very stormy weekend, but it was actually pretty nice! We went to the outlet mall and spent a chunk of our tax refund. We thought we'd hang out by the D River for a few minutes on the way.
We went to the site of the NEW BEACH HOUSE! I'm excited, but not nearly as excited as my parents. If you want details, please ask them. They love to talk about it. :-) It's right on the beach. I mean seriously, it's RIGHT ON THE BEACH. I can't wait until it's done!
While we were at the property we walked down the beach a little bit. I got the bright idea to jump off the rocks. Don't look too closely, I look scared. Nice camera work, Benamin.

Eventually, we had to go home. Sigh. It was hard to leave. The weekend went way too fast. It was so nice to spend some quality time together. I was actually a little excited to get home to the kids. I missed them!

Thanks for a great weekend, babe. I love you. I hope you'll always be my valentine.


tara said...

so sweet! i'm glad he got you for a Valentine too. way to go! that dinner does sound amazing. cooking for me sometime? sounds good!


First, your butt looks fine. Honestly, is that all women think about??

Second, the food looks YUMMY. Thanks. Now I'm hungry.

Third, I need to talk to your hubby. Men do not do dishes. Well, unless my wife tells me to. I think it's time for the guys to revolt against dish pan hands.

Fourth, we went to the beach as well for V-Day as well. Found a house to rent along the central Oregon coast. The weather was wonderful.