Friday, February 19, 2010

Hooray for new appliances!

We got a new fridge! I know, it's probably not that exciting, but I LOVE it. The rest of my appliances are black, so we decided to go with that. It sort of seemed like a huge, black, monstrosity when I woke up the next morning, but I just needed a little time to get used to it. The cupboards on that wall are white and a white fridge just sort of blended in. This one stands out. I'm okay with that, I just needed to get used to it. I've never had a fridge this style before, but so far, I like it. It holds my food nicely, and I think that's pretty important. :-) Plus, Ben got me a water filter and the kids can get their own drinks now. Hallelujah!

(Yikes! I didn't notice until looking at the picture of Nicole that I'm almost out of milk! Uh, Ben, do you wanna stop at the store on your way home tonight?)


Annie said...

Awesome! It looks great. Our fridge is that style and I like it so far. I miss the water and Ice dispenser on the outside though. You know you are a mom when a new appliance is thrilling.


When new appliances become exciting, you know you're missing baseball season.

Amber said...

Oooh, that is fun! I think new appliances are always exciting. Especially since most of the appliances in this crappy house I'm renting don't work right! Yay for your fridge!

Ave-n-Gav's Momma said...

Hi! Okay, not sure how I stumbled upon your blog...but I find it quite amusing that we ALSO just got a new fridge-- the SAME EXACT ONE to be exact, color & everything!!!!! (I didn't photograph it though, but I sear I'm not lying!)
And furthermore, I was equally as excited about it as you. Just thought you might like to know that somewhere out there in the blog world....someone exists who shares your affinity for new appliances :-)