Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Not Pretty

The Good
Tyler got glasses this week! I got a note from the school nurse reporting that his vision screening at school didn't go very well. Ben and I both had glasses (that's HAD because now we're lasered and cool) so it wasn't a huge surprise. I took him to the doctor (the same doctor that gave me my first pair of glasses) and sure enough, he's blind as a bat. I blame Ben. :-) We went to Lens Crafters to get his glasses (with my maiden name being Lenz, I got crap about that place a lot, but oh well, I'm over it) and now he's EXTRA smart and cute as a button. Okay, so Ben and I both think he looks a little weird right now. We might just have to get used to seeing him with glasses. Every time I see him with them on, I do a double take. Let's hope it passes soon. But so far, he loves them, he thinks he looks rad, and that's the most important thing.

The Bad
I had a book on hold at the library, so I took the kids over there today to let them play and I could pick up my book. Of course, our new library is awesome, but it has ZERO parking. I ended up parking forever away and had to drag the kids half the way there because their legs were tired. Seriously? It wasn't that far, they just need to suck it up. Anyway, the trip went as expected with Tori wanting to pound on the computers and my kids being way too loud, but no one got hurt and after 45 minutes, we left. I walk out the door and I hear this weird "flip flop" sound. I look down and the whole sole of my boot came off! I was so sad! I knew it was time for a new pair, but this solidified it. Then I tried to walk. It was not pretty, people. I had to left my leg way up otherwise it would get stuck and I'd trip. I tried to make it look cool, I tried to get the kids to walk like me so it would look like we were doing this for a good reason. They weren't falling for it. Instead, I looked like a doofus and they were totally clueless to my embarrassment.  After about 10 yards, I gave up and just took it off. Yes, I walked the rest of the way (on a wet sidewalk) with one boot on and one boot in my hand. People looked and then looked again and then pointed me out to their friends. Oh, did I mention that I was wearing a skirt and had Ben's basketball socks on underneath? Yeah, it was a really good look.

The Not Pretty
For a homework activity in October I took the kids outside for a "leaf hunt". We collected a bucket full of leaves, sorted them into shapes and sizes, then glued them on some black paper and I put it up on the wall in the kitchen. The kids thought it was great. When winter came around, they mentioned that the leaves needed to come down because it wasn't fall anymore. When I got them down, Nicole asks, "What should we put up there for winter?" I hadn't really thought about putting anything up there, but I figured, why not. So for Family Home Evening we made a family of snowmen out of construction paper and cotton balls. Then the kids made snowflakes and we had our winter decorations. Well, winter is over and the snowmen are down. The spot just looks bare to me! Something had to go up for spring. So, yesterday we made a family of flowers out of pipe cleaners, pom poms, felt, and googly eyes. I built the basic flower and the kids decorated them. Nicole says to me, "Oh Mom, my flower is the most beautiful. I'm so lucky! Poor Tori, her's is not pretty." Tyler starts to cry a little and says, "Nicole, it makes my heart sad when you say things that aren't nice." (he's very sensitive). Then Nicole comes back with, "Well, it's not pretty and if I said it was pretty that would be LYING and Mommy would put a mark on my chart and I would have to give her all my money!" I guess I can't argue with her there. (The flowers are --from left to right -- Mine, Tyler's, Nicole's, and Tori's. Ben hasn't done his yet. He might not ever get it done. I might just fake it for the kids sake.)


Laurel said...

I fear the for the day Isabel fails her first eye exam... The odds are definitely not in her favor with Jason and me, either! Good thing that Tyler is such a cutie!

I love, love, love your story about the boots. :)

And how cute are you to do seasonal crafts?!! Sometimes I am the lazy mom who thinks it's just a lot of work, so I love to see how much fun your kids have with that sort of thing. I may have to follow suit pretty soon.

Robin said...

I love so much about this post, I don't even know where to start! You're so funny. And your family is so cute!

Becky said...

Oh look at that handsome boy! So smart!
We think we need to get Amelia's eyes checked..what doctor did you use?
Happy Birthday by the way girl!

tara said...

that flower story is hilarious. that nicole really knows her priorities. you have to say it like it is or you lose all your green!!
ps sorry about your boot.i put myself right in as the antagonist of that story and i fit right in. i'm thinkin of ya pal.

voice of da silence said...

ur story about your son's glasses remind me when i was like 11 and i got my new glasses i went with my mon to get them and when we arrived home my dad open the door and he said "hi sweety.... where is our son and whose that" (pointing at me) of corse he was joking but i almost believed him for a sec lol