Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hang On, Mom!

Today I was cleaning up Tori's room and Tyler walked in to tell me he wanted a snack. Before I could ask him what he wanted, he found my old (really old) cell phone and asked if he could play with it. It's completely destroyed, I really don't care if it gets thrown away or flushed down the toilet or taken apart as a science experiment. I told him he could do whatever he wanted with it. I asked him a few seconds later to pick something up for me and he said, "Hang on, Mom!" I am not used to getting such attitude from Tyler over something so small, so I asked what he was doing that was so important. He replied, "Ugh. I'm texting Nicole. I'll be done in a second."


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The Bluemel Family said...

Funny how kids pick up on technology. My kids use random items they find and pretend they are cell phones and they are talking or texting. Even more interesting to me since Will and I don't have them. They grow up so fast!