Thursday, March 11, 2010

Potato People

This is Sponge Bob Potato Pants. Tyler had to make a Potato Person for St. Patrick's day and this is what he made. I think he lost an arm on his way to school and one of his curls is drooping, but not bad considering we walk to school. He had to write about him too.

Name: Sponge Bob Potato Pants
Family members: Adam and Jamie (from Mythbusters)
Funniest thing that ever happened to him: One time he was at McDonalds and the people tried to turn him into a french fry!

I love my son. He's so creative.
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tara said...

i love your creative son too. can he tutor to become just like him? and the fact that our titles were curiously similar is awesome.

mom/grandma debbi said...

I love him! Tell Tyler I think he is a most awesome artist.

Cheryn said...

It's nice to catch up on your blog! That Tori...what can I say? Glad you found the lost earring! Does Tori have something with honking her nose? That's what a couple pics look like (; Peyton does that all the time. Glad you guys had a fun weekend at the beach over Valentines Day, and high-five to your parents for their awesomeness!