Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Lunch with Tori

I can't believe my little Tori-Bug is going to be 3 years old! Her birthday isn't until April 20th (She shares a birthday with Hitler. Shocking, right? That day is cursed.) but I thought I would take her out for birthday lunch now and spread out the birthday love. She loves Old Spaghetti Factory (so do I) so we ditched Tyler and Nicole and went out. Now, when I say ditched, I really mean that they ditched us. They went to see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie with my mom. When she found out that they were going to the movie and we were just getting some lousy macaroni and cheese, she was really upset. So, we went to Target, bought her birthday present, and finally went out for lunch. She spent most of our time at the restaurant playing with her toys. Oh well.
When her salad got here I told her to put her toys on the bench and eat her food. That didn't go over very well.
Whatever, I give up.
She actually cheered up a little when her macaroni and cheese showed up so that made everyone in the restaurant happy. Maybe next year I'll just buy her a happy meal and call it a day.

I love you, Tori. You make me crazy sometimes, but you have taught me more about myself than anyone else. Thanks for being you, Baby Girl.


5 Hart Family said...

You make me laugh so hard, Kristi. This child is so preciously funny and I adore the blogs that she inspires. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my..... I gasped and cry laughed at those first 2 pics..... here's a hug for you and your precious little.... bundle :) <3