Monday, April 18, 2011

Tyler loses his FIRST tooth!

Tyler turned 7 last week and had yet to lose a tooth... until tonight! He went to bed and a little while later I heard his door open and he tiptoed out to the family room where I was watching Chuck. I don't like my time with Chuck interrupted, but the look on his face was priceless. Apparently he couldn't sleep, so he decided to wiggle his loose tooth. And the he wiggled it some more and pulled on it. Then pulled some more. Then pulled REALLY hard. Voila! No more tooth!
He called his grandparents to tell them the good news. When asked how much he thought the tooth fairy would give him for his tooth, he replied, "50 bucks." WHAT?!?! What does he think I am? Made of money?! Hopefully he'll be okay with the dollar that the tooth fairy left for him.

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Laurel said...

Isabel is convinced that when she turns five she'll start losing teeth.... Yeah, we'll see! What a cute boy!!!

(Gosh, I love Chuck. Don't you?!!)