Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend

My whole family is here!! We went to Lincoln City, OR for the weekend and I have never laughed so much in my life. Here's our weekend in pictures:
 (These are all my brothers' bellies. I won't say which is which. They liked our menu for the week)
 Ben tried surfing ( I wasn't there to witness it so there aren't any pictures.) I think he was glad for the wetsuit. Brrr...
 Jason didn't have a wetsuit. He was so cold when he got out of the water that the kids had to bury him in the sand so the hot sand could warm him up. The sand was so hot that it was burning our feet. He was completely red when he finally got out of his sandy bed.

 Big surprise. Jason's cold again. David and Sara seem fine though. :-)
 I love my brothers.

 Jason buried his feet in the sand and got himself completely stuck. It was pretty funny.
 I love how short Jason looks since he's buried in sand. It make me look extra tall.
 Tyler buried himself and acted like he was sitting in a chair.
 Tyler was the only one brave enough to go out on the surfboard with Ryan. He loved it!
 Then Tori got sand in her eye and we had to go home.

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