Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nicole's First Day of Kindergarten

My little girl starts kindergarten today! In some ways it seems like she's already done kindergarten because she spent all summer working on math and reading. She did 3 years of preschool at Mill Plain United Methodist Preschool and I feel like she has a good head start. She was really excited this morning and we ended up leaving for school REALLY early because she didn't want to wait anymore. She wasn't nervous at all and couldn't wait to learn how to be a kindergartener. She wanted more than just the traditional picture-by-the-front-door so here's our little photo shoot:

 Nicole is really excited to walk to school with Tyler every day. 
We'll see if that excitement lasts once the rain comes.
Here's Nicole with her teacher, Ms. Roberts. Tyler had her for kindergarten and I was THRILLED to learn that Nicole would have her as well. The little flower in her top button hole was a gift from Nicole. Ms. Roberts made a very big deal about how nice it was and how much she liked it. I fear she will be getting a lot of random weeds picked on the way to school during the upcoming school year. There were no tears from me or any of the other moms. I was very proud of all of us.


Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Cute--and yeah, she's so ready! Meagan was excited to see her standing with her teacher just now :)

mom/grandma debbi said...

She looks like she has grown up 2 years since I saw her 2 months ago!! So big! Can't wait until tomorrow! :-)