Monday, November 7, 2011

Return of the Red Hair

I put red in my hair again! I get bored with my hair and this keeps me from cutting it all off and regretting it. Even permanent color isn't that permanent. I thought I'd share some pictures with y'all. Turns out, it sort of strange and awkward trying to take pictures of your own hair. It was kinda fun once I got into it. The last picture is my favorite.

I sort of love it. It's fun to have something different. I definitely get some strange looks and I bet there are a bunch of people out there who think I'm too old to do stuff like this. The thing is... I don't care what they think. I like it.

The process of getting my hair done wasn't terribly difficult or complicated, but my hair took longer to process than expected. Of course, I didn't have a ton of time because I had to pick up Tori from preschool, pick up Nicole from the bus stop (Tyler was sick) and then take Nicole to Karate. Unfortunately, my hair didn't feel like cooperating, so I had to do all of that looking like this:
Aren't you jealous? Do you wish that YOU could have run all over town looking like this? Ugh. It was not cool. I guess it was worth it because I like how it turned out. Next time, I'll build in an extra hour to my hair time.


Micha said...

This cracked me up - because I'm the opposite! I'll cut my hair but there is no way on this green Earth that I will let permanent dye touch it. Ever.

I think it's awesome and I will live vicariously through you.

Amy said...

I put purple back in my hair about a month ago cuz I was bored too! Funny...