Thursday, December 15, 2011

2 loose teeth + 2 pieces of floss = I need $2 tonight

Tyler and Nicole both have teeth loose. Multiple. Nicole has three loose and Tyler has 2 loose. I hate pulling out teeth! That is a job I happily reserve for my husband. Unfortunately, he's not home tonight and the kids wanted these teeth out NOW. It has gotten to the point where they don't want to eat because it hurts to bite on those teeth. So, I tied some string around the tooth, counted one... two... PULL! and out it came. Nicole went first (to show Tyler how to be brave) and then Tyler followed only a couple of minutes later.


mom/grandma debbi said...

Way to go!

Jim said...

I love that Nicole showed Tyler how to be brave. Do you think she can help Aeryn when we are down? We are currently experiencing Toothgate II.