Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our trip to see Santa

I thought it would be a wonderful adventure for the kids to go see Santa and they thought I was the coolest Mom in the world. When we got there the kids saw Santa and that was fun, but they didn't want to get anywhere near him. Tyler clung to my mom like his life depended on it. He told Santa that he wants trains and cars for Christmas, but he wouldn't sit on his lap. Nicole sat on my lap while I sat by Santa and held her hand in front of her eyes to hide from him. He gave her a candy cane so she had to cover both eyes with one hand while she held the candy cane. Then he gave her a stuffed animal and she was forced to reveal her face to the world. After Santa said the magic word ("Dora") they were best friends and she wanted to sit and visit all day. He was a very cute Santa with a real beard and the kids were very excited that Santa was going to go back to his workshop and make their toys.
My mom was supposed to take pictures of the kids with Santa, but that didn't really work out, so we got pictures of them on the carousel at the mall. That's all they could talk about for the rest of the day, so I think next year I'll just skip Santa and go straight for the carousel. Much less stressful that way.

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