Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Price of Sleeping In

This morning Ben and I both wanted to just stay in bed and let the kids entertain themselves. I got up, turned on some tv for them and gave them some juice. Everything was out of reach (I thought) so I got back in bed. A little while later, we got up to a big messy surprise. Somehow, they had found the baby powder and paint. The paint was all over the chairs and floor of the kitchen. The powder was (and still is) everywhere. After they were done with the kitchen, they took it outside and powdered the table, patio, and barbecue. I think Tyler is the one who put the powder on Nicole's head, but you never can tell with these two. Tyler had powder on his jammies from sliding all over the floor. He made sort of a home made slip-n-slide in the kitchen. That baby powder makes wood floor super slippery! The paint mixed with the powder made sort of an impenetrable paste that took forever to clean up. I think next week, I'll just get up and make breakfast instead.

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