Tuesday, May 20, 2008

7 Year Anniversary

Well, in keeping with our plan of being the most boring people ever, Kristi and I celebrated our 7 years of marriage yesterday with little to no fanfare. My parents are in town, so we took the kids to the Rose Garden, near the Portland Zoo. Of course, the kids only wanted to play on the playground, and the roses are still a week or two away from being in full bloom, but we had a good time regardless. The weather was so nice, meaning it was hot, which I love. Kristi I am sure thinks it is better when it is like 60 degrees outside.

We then went to eat at this Mexican place called Azteca. It is pretty good, although I think they only had 1 server working the entire restaurant when we were there. Oh well, good food, good company, good time, right?

The pinnacle of our day, well mine at least, was when we went to Cinetopia to watch a movie. We love this movie theater. We watched the movie in their Living Room, which looks like this.

HD projector, leather chairs/love seats with ottomans, these are seriously the most comfortable chairs ever, this is the place to go to see a movie. They also have this 4 star restaurant inside the theater, you can either sit down and eat, or you can order from your chair before the movie. Since we had just eaten the huge lunch, we decided to get a piece of chocolate cake to share. And holy crap, was it good. Normally I don't like cake that is not made by either my wife or mother, but this was delicious. And judging from the chocolate frosting that was all over my beautiful bride's lips, face and fingers, I'm just going to assume that she enjoyed it as well.

Because Indiana Jones doesn't start until Thursday, and Batman doesn't come out until July, we thought we would join the masses and go and see Iron Man. I am glad that we did. I was not really interested in the movie when I first heard about it, and I was not a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan, but those things have since changed. This movie was rad. (Yes I said rad, I am trying to bring it back. Help me out here people.) I recommend that you go see it. This is just an entertaining movie from start to finish.

We decided that we should probably get home and rescue my parents from the kids at that point, so we did just that. After we put them down to bed, we took my dad to the grocery store (remember, most boring couple ever is the goal here) and then went to El Pollo Loco for a 9:45 pm dinner. That place is pretty good! It just opened here and I am now a fan I think. It is basically a Mexican KFC after all, how can you go wrong?

All in all, it was a great way to spend a lazy, warmer than normal, May Monday.

Normally someone would preface this next statement/paragraph with something like, "Not to sound cliche', " but that is exactly what I am going for here, is cliche'; The last seven years have truly been the best of my life. I have thankfully had the pleasure of enjoying these years with my best friend, who also happens to be my hot wife. She is incredible, and I am so lucky to have her. She keeps me on the straight and narrow, she deals with my stupidity and shenanigans, and she loves me unconditionally. Normally I would throw in a line about how I don't deserve her or I somehow tricked her into marrying me, but I like to think that it's because I try to every day tell her how much I love her and show her the same thing by the way I treat her. It is my goal to make her laugh every day, and I hope that I succeed in that, because one of my little joys in life is to see Kristi laugh. She is the best, and I love her for it.

I love you Kristi. Thanks for hanging out with me for a while.


Rena said...

Hey Ben. This post was seriously rad. You and Kristi are such a rad couple. I wish you guys still lived above us. That would be so rad. Our kids could be, like, rad friends or something like their rad parents. Rad, dude. So rad.

Miracle Gro said...

Rena, your post was seriously rad too. If Ben and Kristi could move down here, we could all be rad together. Or, we could move to portland and be rad up there.

Ben said...

Yes! This is the enthusiasm I am looking for people. With a little more nerdiness, we can do this! YES WE CAN!

Miracle Gro said...

You forgot to say "rad" in you comment Ben. You are hereby banished from radness and can no longer advocate the return of "rad" to common vernacular. You may now go and hang your head in shame.

Laurel said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary, you two!