Friday, July 11, 2008

Watch my garden grow!

I took a picture of my garden when I first planted it, but I can't find it. It would be much cooler if you could see the before and after shot, but I guess I'll just have to count on your imagination. Just picture a bunch of really tiny plants. And now here's what my garden looks like today!

And that's AFTER I harvested a bunch of my basil yesterday (homemade pesto!) and seriously hacked away at the zucchini. Anyway, I blame it all on the fertilizer we used (llama poop, thanks Ben!).

On a funnier note, yesterday I walked outside and found my children with their hands full of rocks and Nicole tip-toeing around saying "here kitty, kitty, kitty" in her sweetest, most innocent voice. Poor cats, they never saw it coming. Here's some cute pictures of my not-so-innocent kids.


mom/grandma debbi said...

Does this mean you found the camera???? YEAH

mom/grandma debbi said...

Did I mention how much older Nicole looks with her bangs back??? When I showed the pictures to Papa Jim he asked, "Who is that?" Wow!

Kim said...

Cute cute kids! And I really really wish I would have planted a garden... maybe next year. So I just changed my blog settings so I am emailed when I get a comment bc just tonight did I get your comment on Navie's pictures. I would totally love to help you make bows if you want to we can have a playdate bow making party. Just let me know and I can tell you what you really need, but I will say Elizabeth is way more advanced then me! Also when are we going to the beach together!? And will you ask your mom about renting their house Labor Day weekend. Thanks