Monday, July 7, 2008

Holy Cheeks

I would like you all to notice that her cheeks are so big, you can't see her ears. Only the tops of them. Have you EVER seen bigger cheeks on a baby? Seriously! It's amazing. This picture is a week old; they are probably bigger now. I managed to lose my camera (hopefully I'll find it soon!) so I haven't posted in a while.
Here's a quick update from the last week:
-Ben and the kids spent a week in Utah with Ben's family. The kids had a BLAST and I stayed home with the baby for a "vacation".
-It turned out not to be much of a vacation, it was more like being a single mom with a new (very fussy) baby.
-After multiple doctors visits, we found out that Tori has reflux! We've got her on a baby antacid and she's doing much better now. Last week was very long and very hard (that's what she said, sorry, I couldn't help it) and I'm glad Ben's home to help with the baby again.
-I flew to St. Louis on Friday for David's wedding! It was a beautiful sealing and the whole day went off without a hitch (except that David's best man came to the temple with a temple recommend that had expired 6 days earlier and they wouldn't let him in). Flying with a baby is never fun, but she did pretty good. Luckily I had tons of help from my parents (especially my dad) so I didn't end up in tears.
So that's the gist of what happened at our house last week. I really wish I had some cute pictures from the wedding or some pictures of the kids on vacation, but alas, I suck and I lost the camera. Stupid small camera.


Miracle Gro said...

Maybe it's the angle of the picture, but it looks like she has sideburns to the middle of the ear. Like, big curly sideburns.

Bumblebee was suspected of having reflux as well, with all the spitting up she did. We tried a baby reflux medicine but it didn't help really. You're lucky.

Laurel said...

Hmmmm... I suppose that IS a positive to having an awkwardly large camera I can't shove in the tiniest of corners.

And YES, those are the largest cheeks I have ever seen on a baby. No worries though. I think they're adorable. Besides, she has those fabulous pouty lips!