Thursday, June 26, 2008

Haven't Posted in a While

I thought I would post some current pictures of the kids, mostly because I think they look older than they really are. Granted, in another year, I will look at these pictures and think that they look like infants. Tori, of course IS an infant so......yeah, not sure what to think of that.

Sometimes the only way we can calm Tori down is to bury her in blankets, pillows, etc. Then we turn on the obnoxious music from her swing and she is happy. Don't ask because I don't understand either.

I think Nicole looks like she is 5 years old in this picture, when in actuality she is only 2 and a half! She seems older to us than she is I think because she has been talking for forever and has been potty trained for a while now. Yeah, she is going to be more trouble than she is worth I think. I'm mostly kidding of course.

Our cheesy little boy. His new favorite activity is to go on a bike ride with me as soon as I get home from work. He rides his little bike and I tow Nicole on my bike. We go 4 laps around our circle which is actually a 1 mile bike ride. I thought that seems like a lot for a little boy's legs, but then I remembered that he is just that. A little boy who doesn't know any better.


Kim said...

Such a sweet post, just when you stop and turn around your kids are growing up far to fast - at a rate that is unhealthy for your heart;)s

Laurel said...

It's so funny how when they are that little they are so specific on what calms them down. Those kids are adorable!