Monday, June 9, 2008

I hate dieting... a lot

Okay, so I had a baby 7 weeks ago and I got the go ahead from my doctor, so I'm officially trying to get my pre-baby body back. Yuck. I hate this part. I guess the good news is that we're done having kids so I don't have to lose pregnancy weight again. I lost 2/3 of the weight I gained in the first 2 weeks but that last 10 pounds is sticking to me like white on rice. I have an XBox game that lets me work out with a virtual personal trainer and she kicked my trash today! 45 minutes with someone who doesn't get tired is rough. But really, the exercise part is okay. I always feel better when I'm working out regularly so I don't mind that part so much. It's the dieting that kills me. To say that I hate dieting is an understatement. Who wants to eat salad for dinner every night? Sometimes I like to eat until I can barely move and then just lay on the couch for an hour. Am I the only one? I know my brothers like to do that too, but maybe that's not a normal girl thing. Ben very delicately asked me if I wanted help and encouragement with my diet. (He lost a TON of weight last year and looks amazing now.) I politely declined, but when he offered me the bag of Cheetos last night, I thought, "maybe I should have taken him up on his offer." I love to eat! Seriously! I am starving right now (I had two little bran muffins and a glass of water for breakfast before my workout. That's not nearly enough food for me. I like to have eggs, hashbowns, and toast for breakfast!) I see these commercials for appetite suppresants and I have a hard time not running to the store right then and there to get some. I keep telling myself that I just need to have some self control, but let's not kid ourselves here, I don't have any. Just ask my brother-in-law. Nevermind, don't. (he is single handedly trying to sabotage my diet. Evil, Zach, evil.) So, I'm doing my best. If you see me stuffing my face with junk food, don't judge me. I'm just having a hard day. :-)

Here's a cute picture of the kids to brighten your day!


Laurel said...

I've also never been a fan of dieteing and, quite frankly, do NOT understand how people do it so religiously. My philosophy is that I can have treats at much as I want (maybe not REALLY) because we have skim milk, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, fat-free yogurt, yada yada yada... I just pick and choose really carefully how fatty or sugary (I honestly can't eat too much sugar in one sitting... that's why I love dark chocolate so much) the foods are we eat. Those last 10 pounds are a $*#@%, aren't they?!!

Kim said...

So I am right here with you!!! It is so frustrating and dieting is something I have never been able to do, I love food, I don't ever feel full, I especially love sweets, and I have no self control! HELP! We should do something together to motivate more. Your post is how I feel to the T.