Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This week

Pretty boring and uneventful week so far. I got peed on twice today, that's pretty awesome. Tyler's teacher looked at me like I was a monster today when I told her I wasn't going to buy any of the school pictures (today was picture day) because they are too expensive. Besides, every picture of Tyler looks exactly the same. So, I wasn't about to spend $80 on mediocre pictures, because, undoubtedly, they wouldn't turn out very well. Also, I got to sleep through the night! That was pretty fantabulous. Tori's crying (big surprise, I know) and Tyler and Nicole are playing princesses. My poor soon-to-be-gay son. (not that there's anything wrong with that)
Anyway, I took some cute pictures of Tyler and Nicole climbing the tree in our front yard. I thought they were so cute up there. Way better than some dumb preschool pictures.

Also, Tori has finally mastered the "stand on Daddy's hand" trick. It's sort of a must in this family. I think at least 1/3 of my baby pictures are of me on my dad's hands. It used to freak me out a little, but I'm over it. I guess that's to be expected since this is my third baby.


Gardener said...

I got the same reaction for Dragonfly's school pictures. The teacher called and asked if I wanted them redone. No thank you! Instead I had JCPenney take some that were cute and only cost $8.

timmonsfam said...

love love love the pictures in the tree! They are so much better than school pics would be!