Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Evening Alone With the Monsters -- i mean kids

Just in case anyone out there was just thinking, "wow, this has been a rough night" let me put things into perspective for you:

First, I had some chocolate cake in the fridge (courtesy of my friend Tiffany) and I was really looking forward to delving into it after the kids went to bed. But Nicole wanted a bite. So I got it out for her and told her she could have a couple of bites. I got pulled away by a ringing telephone and forgot about the cake. It would have been okay if she had just eaten the whole thing. THAT I could deal with. Instead, she dumped all of the salt and pepper from the shakers all over this cake. "Oh, just pick around it" I hear you say. Too late, she stirred it up!! Well, that is really unfortunate, but then after trying a bite, she no longer liked it so what did she do? Yup, she gave it to the baby. Tori takes handful after handful of this and smears it all over herself (just out of the bath) and the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, Tyler is having some popcorn for his snack. He thought he would be a nice brother and share with Tori so he put the whole bowl on the floor. She's already sticky from the cake so now she has crawled over to the popcorn and is basically rolling around in it. She looks like she has been tarred and feathered. If I wasn't so tired and frustrated (and disappointed about not getting any cake!) I would have thought it was funny and taken a picture. Instead I got mad, cleaned it up and missed a great photo opportunity. Sometimes I wish I could fast forward through moments of my life and that was one of them.

So I hope you feel better about your evening. I promise not to complain quite so much in my next blog post. :-)


Becky said...

Oh Kristi! I am laughing so hard right now. I know it's not funny, especially at the time...but, man oh man, I can soooo relate! I pictured the whole thing in my head...then imagined my kids....they would've done/have done such similar things!!

tara said...

that is awesome...seriously being tarred and feathered in popcorn and salt and pepper cake is hilarious. good luck with the photo-ops in the future. don't worry, i would've done the same thing i'm sure. awesome