Friday, January 9, 2009

Progress Update

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm happy with the progress we've made. Here's some pictures of what my kitchen looks like today.

This is after priming the cabinet boxes.

This is after our first coat of paint. As you can see, the island is black and the rest of the cabinets are white. There's an armoire that you can't see that will also be painted black. That's what we use as our pantry. I'm also going to paint the base of my kitchen black. I REALLY wish we had a black refrigerator, but don't talk to me about that or I'll get mad. (long story short: when we bought the house one of our requests was that we got to keep the black fridge but when we moved in, they had taken it. The guy was already half way across the country so he said he'd just send us a check for a couple hundred bucks. We found out later that the fridge was top of the line and worth WAY more than he paid us. Jerk. See, I told you I'd get mad.)

So, as you can see, my kitchen is still under construction, but the valances, drapes, and new rug that I ordered should be here ANY MINUTE and I'm excited to start decorating. I'm going to be good and wait until the construction is done because I would be devastated if I got paint on my new stuff. Anyway, I just thought I'd post an update (mostly because David asked me to) and let you know how our project was progressing.


Becky said...

Wow Kristi! It's really coming together and looks great. We have been contemlating changing our cabinets too..but, now our house if for sale, so we just hope someone likes them! :) Looks like a LOT of work!

Elizabeth said...

It already looks great! I want to come over and see it when it is all done.

David Lenz said...

Looking snazzy!

Summer and Mike said...

Great Idea to do the bottom cabinets black. I think that'll look great. You should get a black fridge. Ha ha.