Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I want a puppy... not really, but they are so cute!

Puppies are magical -- just like babies. When you see a puppy you don't think, "oh my gosh, soon there will be training and visits to the vet and dog food and muddy tracks in the house" just like when you see a new baby you don't think, "ugh, soon there will be potty training and temper tantrums, a billion dollars in clothes and diapers, doctors visits, no sleep, and teething!" Both of them are so sweet and cute and you just want to hold them and keep them that small forever. Every time I see a puppy, I want one. This is probably because (as an adult) I've never had one. When I see a baby, I think, "oh, how sweet, glad it's not mine." Probably because I've done the baby thing 3 times already! Well, my brother, Ryan, has a neighbor with 4 little puppies and we got to play with them a couple of weeks ago. My kids were so cute with them! I hate myself for not bringing my camera so I don't have any adorable shots of the kids with these little fur balls, but Ryan sent me a picture of him with the puppies so I could show the kids.

They love this picture! They ask me several times a day to see it. Tori sees it and says, "aww, cute!" and I love to hear her say it! Ryan desperately wants Tori to like him. I think this might be his ticket. Of course, he's leaving at the end of July to teach science in Bangkok for 2 years, so we might need a few more pictures to keep up the good feelings. :-) It's strange to think that Tyler will be 8, Nicole will be 6 and Tori will be 4 when he gets home! Two years sounded okay until I thought of it like that! That's too long! I don't think he's going to be able to come home much (if EVER) but hopefully we can hang out a few more times before he leaves. I love you, little brother!

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tara said...

that picture is awesome. i can't belive he's going so far away. how the heck did that happen??
ps i love your line about wanting a puppy when you see one and not wanting a baby when you see one. awesome. you're pretty funny, girl :)