Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New (to me) Kitchen Table!

I have wanted a new kitchen table for a while now, but I kept telling myself that there were other places our money needed to be spent. But then I thought about looking on Craigslist and look what I found!

(do you love the blue booster seat? We can always tell where Tori sits!)

The table came with 4 chairs so we got the two leather ones at IKEA. There are even two leaves I can put on! It makes the table huge. I used to have to have my leaf in all the time just to sit my little family. Now we could have Thanksgiving at my house! Plus, the leaves store inside the table. How convenient is that? I'm really excited about it. It is exactly what I would have bought if I had been looking at new tables. I got the table and 4 chairs for $175! Yay for me! Now I need to sell my old table. Anyone know someone looking for a table and chairs?


Annie said...

wow! I love it! It looks fantastic in your kitchen! I love how you have transformed your kitchen!

The Bluemel Family said...

Sweet find! I'm amazed at how well it matches your kitchen too. Very nice.

Cheryn said...

That new table looks great! (BTW, I must that a television in your dining room? Just asking.) Oh, and your new family pic is adorable--that Tori, geesh!