Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gingerbread Houses and Gateway Discovery

Today was a fun filled day in Utah. We woke up to the smell of gingerbread baking. Grandma Debbi makes her own gingerbread for gingerbread houses. We always used graham crackers. I must admit that I didn't know what gingerbread was until I saw her make it for the kids a few years ago.
Instead of doing 4 houses (one for each grandchild) we did one big house and everyone helped. I think they were excited.
Tori mostly just wanted to eat the candy. One piece on the house, one piece in my mouth...
After that excitement, we went up to Salt Lake and went to Gateway Discovery (the childrens museum) and the kids had a blast. Nicole isn't feeling very well, so she took things a little slower. She contented herself with picking flowers and playing house (or just snuggling with me on a bench).
Tyler found some friends in the construction area and they built some kind of building together. He loved it!
Tori, well, she was Tori. She loves to run around and climb on everything. Luckily, they plan for that kind of thing at the childrens museum. She liked the climbing wall. When she got down she said, "No Mommy, we don't climb." See, it's funny because I constantly tell her that we aren't supposed to climb on stuff.
We only have a few days left of our vacation in Utah and the depression is starting to settle in on everyone. Whenever we have to say goodbye, everyone pouts for a few days and then we eventually get back to being ourselves. But first there's the pre-goodbye depression. You know the one, it's the depression you get at anticipating the goodbye. Whatever. Let's just enjoy our time together and then we'll pout about it later.

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