Sunday, January 16, 2011

Girls' New Room

Nicole feels homeless. She had her own room until Tori was born. Then she moved in with Tyler until Tori was old enough to share again. Now they share a room, but Nicole still calls it "Tori's Room" and doesn't feel like it's hers. So, to remedy the problem, I told her she could make it her room and she could decorate it. Ben's mom made new blankets for the girls so we went with those colors: pink, green, brown, and white. The girls and I LOVE the blankets and I'm thrilled I didn't have to actually buy new comforters to match the new room.

The only problem with telling a 5 year old girl that she can decorate her own room is that she'll inevitably pick out something that you hate. I tried to steer her away from a few things, but she was in love and it's more important for her to like it than me. So, here's the new room:
These little box frames are full of things that are important to Nicole. Mostly shells from my parents' beach house in Lincoln City. She thinks they actually found them on the beach. I think that my mom found them at Pottery Barn and took them to the beach, but I don't want to burst her little bubble.
She saw these stickers at Craft Warehouse and absolutely HAD to have them.
 I made this ribbon board and Nicole thinks it's great. It's just too bad there's so many ribbons and hand-made flowers in the way of the cute fabric. Sigh. I knew I should have gone with the polka dots.
 I hate these cats. Maybe it's because I'm not a cat person. Maybe it's because it's just ugly. Whatever. She loved it. It's her favorite part of her room.

I love the way the pictures of the girls turned out. Nicole says the picture is as big as she is, she might be right. I found the frames on clearance at JC Penny and covered them with cute scrapbooking paper. I think they turned out great.

They love the way their bed looks when it's made, but that doesn't make them want to actually do the work.

 We moved all their toys into their room. It's great! They play in there for hours and the mess is contained! Of course, their room is almost always a mess (like in this picture) but hey, I can close the door and pretend it's spotless.
 These pink sequined curtains are the other thing I tried to gently steer Nicole away from. She wouldn't hear of it. She loves them, I hate them.

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all about the girls said...

Super cute!!! I am definitely stealing some ideas! You are a genius!