Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Candy Trail

Oh my gosh, this was so funny. At least they were keeping the baby company!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Uncle Ryan's Purple House

Yes, that's right, my brother lives in a purple house -- with navy blue trim, might I add -- and we got to visit him a couple weekends ago. He has a few chickens and he somehow convinced them that my kids were safe and they climbed aboard. It was so funny to see my children covered in chickens! Tyler loved it, but Nicole said that the chickens couldn't get on her hair because she's three. I know, her logic is astounding. They even got to get the eggs and Nicole was just sure that a baby chick was going to hatch at any second. Thanks for letting us visit and hold the chickens, Uncle Ryan.

On a much more negative note, I need to vent. Here are some things I'm getting really sick of:
-my baby biting me while trying my best to breastfeed her.
-the bleeding that goes along with the biting.
-my kids whining over every little thing that isn't perfect in their lives.
-my eye being red.
-my "spare tire" refusing to deflate.
-folding laundry.
-fighting with my kids to eat food that they asked me to make.
-making 4 different things for breakfast every single day of my life.(my kids have a hot breakfast almost every morning. Sometimes Nicole is okay with Cheerios, but we usually have eggs, hash browns, waffles, sausage/bacon/ham, pancakes, toast etc. but they can never agree so I make everyone something different)
-picking up toys all day and all night.
-not sleeping through the night. (I've been averaging about 6 hours a night and I need 8 or 9 to function properly, I really do best with about 10.)
and finally...
-caring way too much about what people think of me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucky 7 Tag

Just so you know, this is the first time I've EVER been tagged on one of these things.
7 Things I can do:
1. Make a really super delicious German Chocolate Cake
2. Digital scrapbooking
3. Drink more chocolate milk than anyone else I know.
4. Make my own spinach fettuccine Alfredo from scratch (even the pasta)
5. Blow a bubble the size of my head.
6. Knit AND crochet
7. Make flowers grow.
7 Things I cannot do:
1. Enjoy pregnancy.
2. Run more than 1/4 mile without wanting to die.
3. Watch an entire football game.
4. Hold/touch/look at/think about snakes.
5. Mow the lawn.
6. Eat chicken skin (so completely disgusting, I feel sick just thinking about it)
7. Sew. At all. Maybe a button, but that's it.
7 Things that attracted me to Ben:
1. He made me feel pretty even when I clearly looked like I just woke up.
2. He brought me muffins when I was sick.
3. He makes the greatest cookies on the planet.
4. He makes me feel like I'm funny, even though he's usually laughing AT me, not WITH me.
5. He said he would be okay moving to Washington.
6. He's the world's most easy-going guy.
7. He makes me laugh every day, even if he has to run into a wall or slam his finger in a door to do it.
7 Things I say most often:
1. Shhhhh!!! (when the baby is asleep)
2. You need to share with your brother/sister.
3. Just a minute.
4. I'll give you a dollar if you.... (this usually involves me being lazy and not wanting to get up to do something like move laundry or get a drink.)
5. AND... (inside joke, don't ask)
6. Anyways...
7. What was I talking about? Hmm. I forgot.
7 Celebrity Admirations:
Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about most celebrities, so I'm going to skip this one.
7 Favorite foods:
1. Spaghetti.
2. BBQ meatballs
3. Fettuccine Alfredo
4. Parmesan Halibut
5. California Rolls
6. Nachos with extra Guacamole
7. Cake with Extra frosting.
7 People to tag:
1. Kim
2. Nancy
3. Rena
4. Alicia
5. Janelle
6. Amber
7. Sara

Friday, November 7, 2008

Earrings and Super-heroes are going GREEN

Yes, I finally did it. I told myself I had to wait until she was at least 6 months old and we reached that mark. Tori has earrings!! She was very brave. We went to the mall yesterday and I held her head still and she only cried for a total of maybe 10 seconds. They don't seem to bother her at all. She hasn't tried to grab them or anything. She even slept through the night! Maybe I should have done this sooner.

Secondly, Tyler still loves wearing his Spiderman costume all day long. He understands that he can only wear it at home because we can't get his seatbelt on with all those huge muscles. But as soon as he gets home, he wants to be Spiderman. Anyway, he told me yesterday that Spiderman likes to chase bad guys. I told him that was right and he said, "And when he catches the bad guys, he goes like this..." and then he pretended to throw a squash at the 'bad guys'. I said, "I thought Spiderman throws spider webs." He said, "All the spider webs are all gone, so now Spiderman uses this." I guess super-heroes have to think on the fly and use what's available. I thought it was cute that he's throwing squash instead of bombs or knives or guns or grenades or even rocks. I'm not sure Tyler will ever catch a bad guy using a squash, but I think the world would be a better place if we replaced guns with produce.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween & Jumping in the leaves

Okay, this is going to be short and sweet. Ben made the most delicious coconut cake last night (he used real coconuts and everything!) and now I have a bunch of work to do before I'll let myself have a slice, so I'm just going to post some pictures of the kids in their costumes and some fun we had jumping in the leaves yesterday. Tori thought the leaves were great, until one fell on her. She wasn't too thrilled about that.

For some reason the picture of Tyler won't rotate, so just turn your head. He loved the leaves more than anyone. He didn't come inside until it started raining.

Oh yeah! I forgot! Ben and my dad built a mantle over our fireplace last weekend. It looks so good! Thanks Ben, I know it was a lot of work, but I love it. You're the best.