Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cavities and other traumatic events

I thought it was poor parenting. Turns out, Tyler just has teeth that are going to get cavities. The dentist made me feel much better about myself when she said that no matter how well we brush, he's going to get cavities because his teeth have such deep grooves in them. Good news for my parenting skills, bad news for Tyler's teeth. Usually when I go to the dentist and they say I have a cavity, I am shocked and amazed because I can't ever see it. Tyler's was so big, his tooth was hollowed out in the middle and it was a giant black hole. After brushing, I actually had to use my pinky fingernail and scoop food out of it. It was really unpleasant for both of us. We decided to wait until it bothered him before we got it fixed. (Really, we were hoping that it would just fall out before we had to get it fixed, but he's too young to lose teeth.) When we take Tyler in for a cleaning, he screams and thrashes around. I literally have to pin him down and someone has to hold his mouth open. Sometimes he actually throws up because he's crying so hard. When I called the dentist, they said that they couldn't get him in until the middle of February. It is bothering him at this point, so we try a different dentist so that we can get him in sooner. For the days leading up to the appointment (just a consultation) I was sick to my stomach. I hate these dentist visits because we both get so upset. I can't remember the last time I was so anxious about something. Turns out, he loves the new dentist! To keep this post from getting terribly long, they have better toys in the lobby, better prizes for being good, more kid friendly rooms, movies, and Tyler got to play with all of the instruments, the big light, and move his chair up and down "like a rocket". We left and I had to promise him that we could come back in a few days (to get the cavity fixed) or else he was going to throw a fit. I was ecstatic! In the 5 days between the consultation and the dreaded appointment to fill the cavity, I got myself all worked up again. Tyler was totally pumped to go back to the dentist, but I was scared for him. Getting a cavity filled is no fun, especially when you're three. Again, to keep a long story a little shorter, he did great and now he has a "new white tooth" instead of the scary black hole in his mouth. We have another appointment (on my birthday) to do another one. Hopefully I can remember just how well he did so that I don't freak out for the next six weeks! Yay for pediatric dentists!!!

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