Monday, January 14, 2008

Hilariousness ensues

Kristi and I found this on YouTube the other day, and we both think it is hilarious. If you skip forward to the 35 second mark, that is where it gets funny. I think the announcers reaction is the best part. I also love how the player is dumbfounded by the call. (I would be too, I guess)

This is probably my favorite commercial of all time. Ever since I saw it, the phrases "Frenching" and "Wildflowers and Shame" make me laugh every time.

Hopefully these make you smile, as they do for us. Oh, and if you don't find these as funny as we did, well then shame on you.

Long live YouTube.

1 comment:

Rena said...

LOVED the Old Spice commercial. Hilarious!