Monday, January 28, 2008


As bribery for something -- I can't remember now what it was -- I told the kids we could make and decorate cupcakes. They were pretty excited, but then when I told them we could change the color of the frosting and use a "special toy" to put the frosting on, that stepped it up a notch. Nicole mostly just ate the sprinkles.

On another note, Tyler has a really funny face that he makes when someone has asked him a question and he has to think about the answer. It's been nearly impossible to capture on film, but this is as close as we could get. It makes us laugh every single time. We both find ourselves asking him questions just to make him do the face. Kids are cheap entertainment.

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Emily said...

Kristi!! I found you, I found you! Your kids are beautiful and you're looking pretty hot yourself. Baby #3? wow. you rock woman! We're in Ohio for Orthodontic school. Check our blog out and we'll get in touch!