Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No time

When I'm not nursing or pumping I'm running around trying to get stuff done before it's time to pump or nurse again! I have pretty much decided that I would like to get another set of arms. Does anyone know a good doctor? Trying to make lunch, bounce a baby, and get a little boy ready for preschool is no easy task. I haven't even been able to get on the computer for 3 days! I decided to multi-task today and pump while checking everyone's blogs. I'm sure this was only possible because Tyler's at preschool and Nicole and Tori are asleep. Thank heaven for small favors. I have to get ready for my massage appointment (yay for me! thanks mom!) but here's a few pictures from this last week.

Tyler's photography skills.

My baby is a pirate.

And she likes to eat her hand.

The kids have matching beds now and they love it!


Bri said...

Congrats Kristi! I am excited for you guys. Tori is adorable! I don't know how you do it with three little ones...I'm starting to get nervous about how my life is about to change with just one little one! I'm very impressed. :)

Miracle Gro said...

Those are sweet Cars Sheets.