Saturday, April 26, 2008

Resisting the Urge

I have this nasty habit of chopping off all my hair either just prior to having a baby or just after. I regretted it both times. When you're a new mom, the ponytail can be your best friend. I pretty much live in a ponytail. I see women with short hair and I think to myself, "what is the point of having long hair if I keep it back all the time? I should just chop it off." It makes sense at the time. Then after cutting it, I realize that with short hair (especially when it's curly like mine) you actually have to DO your hair every single day. That is why a ponytail rocks. So please, if I mention to you that I'm feeling the urge to cut my hair, remind me that I'm a complete idiot and I should just leave it alone.
ps. I have lost 18 lbs in the last 6 days. That makes up for being so uncomfortable for the last several months!!


Laurel said...

I LOVE that first month of losing weight... And as for your hair, you have BEAUTIFUL long hair. Honestly. Not that short hair is bad, you just have awsome long hair and should definitely keep it. Now that mine has finally grown to a length that can be considered "long" again, it will never again go above my shoulders. Rock on, long hair.

Gardener said...

i do the same thing. this time i refuse to cut it. instead, i colored it last week and that subdued the urge. Pony tails do rock and during the summer you want the hair off your neck, not resting on it. Stay strong!