Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo Shoot

So, Victoria is a whopping 10 days old today so I thought we would celebrate with some new pictures of her. It's amazing how fast babies change! I feel like I've missed a phase of her development if I don't take a picture of her every day. Don't worry, I won't burden you with pictures of her every single day, but here's a few cute ones from tonight.

Tyler and Nicole have such amazingly dark brown eyes, is there any way at all that this little one could have blue eyes? Please say yes.

She really doesn't like the flash, but she loves the blankets so I think she forgave me for taking the pictures. :-)


Miracle Gro said...

She looks like a photoshop of Tyler and Nicole. Maybe that's just me.

Laurel said...

She looks so much like your other two in that second picture! That is so fun. Don't even apologize if you YOU happen to post a new picture of Tori every day. We've got to see if those eyes turn blue! :)

Laurel said...

(That was supposed to say "if you DO happen..." I am brilliant.)

Amber said...

She does look like she belongs right in your family. She has such beautiful and distinct features. We'll have to come and visit in a few weeks!