Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tyler's Birthday

Okay, so his birthday isn't until tomorrow, but his friends have preschool on Monday, so we had his birthday party yesterday. Since I'm due in just 5 days, I'm not really feeling up to having a house full of 4 year olds, but I figured I could handle a few. So I told Tyler to pick his 2 favorite friends and we would have a little party. So Justin and Tanner came over and Nicole had to have Dallin (she LOVES him) so there were only 5 kids here including my own. Not too bad. (if there had been a couple more, I probably would have gone into labor, because that would be the most inconvenient timing.) The best thing about the day was the weather. It was almost 80 degrees and the kids played outside almost the whole time. It was fantastic. Ben mowed the lawn and I had every single window open trying to get the stale, winter air out of here! Anyway, Tyler had fun, I made him an alligator cake which he loved, and he was sad when they left. I'm going to sit down for a few minutes and try to not go into labor quite yet. Here's a few pictures of him opening presents and eating cake with friends.
hi. my name is tyler. i am 4.


Rena said...

Super awsome cake! Kate just watched the video you posted with me and said, "Wow. I wish I had an alligator cake like that one." Very impressive!

Laurel said...

Wow. I can't believe he's that big and grown-up! And your cake looks amazing, too. I also can't believe you are mere DAYS away from having that baby of yours. You look great and I can't wait for updates!