Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July

I know it's really late, but here's some pictures of the kids in their cute 4th of July outfits (thanks Grandma Debbi!!). We had a pretty laid back day. We went to the ward pancake breakfast, a BBQ at Tiffanie's house, and did a few fireworks at home (sparklers and roman candles). It was a nice, easy day. When the kids went to bed, Ben and I got up on the roof and watched the madness going on around us. It was actually kind of cool to see so many fireworks all around us. It sounded like a war zone! I am surprised the kids slept through it all.

Tori was utterly unimpressed with the fireworks. She'd rather play in the fresh bark dust. Sigh. That girl was COVERED in slivers.

Tyler and Nicole were a little worried about the sparklers at first. Nicole had that look on her face the whole time! I am glad we didn't get anything too extreme!

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